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Category Archives: DnD

Luke and Juliane play D&D

Luke and Juliane Play DnD #006 – Don’t Poke Magical Things With Swords

More action from the Esklen Infection Zone. What trouble will Juliane talk herself into this time?

Luke and Juliane Play DnD #005 – A Combination of Brute Force and Magic

Shafire, Crutlin and Lorralyn head to a fortress on the edge of the Esklen Infestation Zone.

Luke and Juliane Play D&D #004 – That Doesn’t Sound Like My Brother

Lorallyn, Crutlin and Shafire are paid in magical items to travel through a magical realm.

Luke and Juliane Play D&D #003 – A Trace of Orc in the Closet

An inquisition in Cothelstone Hall for Lorallyn, Crutlin and Shafire plus a return to the old mines.

Luke and Juliane Play D&D #002 – Show Me the Gold

Shafire Battleheart wants revenge on Melamin Fotheron, and so begins the Cothelstone Hall Heist.

Luke and Juliane Play D&D #001 – Goblins Are Made of Weak Spots

Join Loralynn Woodsheart and Crutlin Carter, students at Shafire Battleheart’s Dungeoneering Academy, on their first real, non-training mission into the old mines.