Live and Suggestible – Free musical comedy album by Luke Burrage

I’m busy this week, so here’s some bonus comedy audio!

Live and Suggestible documents a song writing challenge proposed by Caroline Clifford and Paul Salamone at the We Are Not Gemüsed comedy show in Berlin; I ask for a topic suggestion from the audience, write the song, and then perform it for the first time the next time I’m back at Gemüsed. I accepted the challenge. I took 10 suggestions, wrote 10 songs, and performed those songs over 10 different shows.

The topic suggestions were, in order (along with the start location on the album):

Pubic Hair Removal – 1:45
Tomatoes – 6:45
Hipsters – 11:22
Quantum Physics / The Walk of Shame – 16:43
Misogyny in Comedy – 22:11
Penny Markt / Red Traffic Light – 27:15
Concrete – 33:48
Chernobyl – 37:59
Flies – 43:10
Schmoozing / Alzheimer’s Disease – 46:11