SFBRP Live recording starts in 30 minutes.

Everything is set up and ready to go! We start in 30 minutes! Just go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lukeburrage and join in the fun. The session will begin at:
11pm my time (Central European Summer time)
10pm British Summer Time
5pm Eastern Daylight Time
2pm Pacific Daylight Time

I’ll be reviewing and discussing Dan Simmons’ novel Hyperion, one of the most requested novels from the listeners of the SFBRP.

The idea is that I’ll chat for a few minutes and welcome any listeners, then do a normal SFBRP recording, then take questions about the review and the book from those following in the attached chatroom, to be included in the podcast itself. Following that I’ll be open for whatever those in the chatroom suggest, answer any questions, whatever.

If you miss the recording session, the video will be recorded in full, and you can play it at any time by visiting the same page. The audio will be edited and released as a normal episode in the podcast feed.