Two years of SFBRP downloads

SFBRP download stats to April 2010

This graph shows the total number SFBRP episodes per month for the last two years. I noticed an upswing in the listener numbers recently, so I wanted to see what it looked like over time. Pretty good, I think! In April, random people across the world downloaded just under 25,000 individual episodes. That’s more downloads than I had in the entire of 2008!

I’ve asked for listener feedback, regarding where the new listeners were coming from, how they found out about the podcast, and why they started listening. The range of answers is quite interesting:
– Interested in science fiction, did an iTunes search, found the podcast.
– Did an iTunes search, found the podcast.
– Just searched using iTunes.
– An iTunes search.
– iTunes.

So, it’s really that simple. It’s not a scientific survey, so maybe people who hear about podcasts via word of mouth aren’t the kind of people who like sending in emails.

I’ve yet to bash the numbers for individual episode downloads, because the stats I have are month on month. This means that if a podcast is released late in the month, the initial week of download figures are split over two months. In April 2010, the most downloaded podcast was SFBRP #089 – Dani and Eytan Kollin – The Unincorporated Man, with 2,421 downloads.