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Monthly Archives: March 2008

SFBRP #012 – Ken MacLeod – Learning the World

Luke is sorry for not updating this blog feed for a week… this episode is a review of Learning The World, a book with a blog where someone apologizes for not keeping up to date with their blog. After a week of tonsillitis, Luke gets back to the shorter length of podcast.

SFBRP #011 – Frank Herbert – Dune

After reading Frank Herbert’s Dune, Luke had so much to say that this episode is less of a review, and more of a discussion on what makes it such a great novel. With so much to talk about, Luke stopped recording after almost 30 minutes.

SFBRP #010 – Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson – Hunters of Dune

Non-Frank-Herbert Sequel of Dune. Luke reads books like this one so you don’t have to.

SFBRP #009 – Carl Sagan – Contact

The legendary science popularizer Carl Sagan turned his hand to science fiction. Luke, a fan of Carl Sagan’s other work, reviews a book he didn’t finish reading.

SFBRP #008 – Robert Reed – Marrow

Luke likes stories that feature big things that float mysteriously in space. And Marrow is a book about just that topic, and a lot more besides.