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Monthly Archives: January 2008

SFBRP #005 – Alastair Reynolds – Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

Luke checks out the 2003 book set in Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space universe. A slightly longer podcast this time as Luke discovers it contains two novellas instead of one novel.

SFBRP #004 – Robert A. Heinlein – The Door Into Summer

A classic time travel book from an undisputed master of science fiction, Robert A. Heinlein. Luke thought he had read this one before but he was wrong. Does this book, written in 1956, still hold up today?

SFBRP #003 – Pamela Sargent – Venus of Dreams

In 1984 Pamela Sargent wrote a long book about the terraforming of Venus. Luke read it and found it longer than he expected.

SFBRP #002 – Joan D Vinge – The Outcasts of Heaven Belt – Heaven Chronicles #1

The first review is the 1978 book from Joan D. Vinge, a name that Luke doesn’t know how to pronounce. The Outcasts of Heaven Belt is about reliance on technology, the politics of resource management and, of course, space battles. Get this audiobook for free, or any of 100,000 other titles, as part of a […]

SFBRP #001 – Introduction to the SFBRP

No book review for this episode, instead an introduction to Luke, an introduction to the podcast, what the rating system means and much more. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-07394c4171b60e7108f5a93c40cdae6d}

The start of something new.

The first post on the new blog and rss feed for a new podcast I’ve been planning and recording for about a year. I thought it would be best to actually get started on the project that I included in my new years resolutions…