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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Luke and Juliane Play D&D #002 – Show Me the Gold

Shafire Battleheart wants revenge on Melamin Fotheron, and so begins the Cothelstone Hall Heist.

SFBRP #379 – Arthur C Clarke – 2001: A Space Odyssey – The Novel vs The Movie – Space Odyssey #1

Luke read the novel, and then Juliane joined him to watch the movie, and they discuss the two. Get this audiobook for free, or any of 100,000 other titles, as part of a free trial by visiting this link: Buy this book at , or discuss this book at Luke blogs at: […]

Luke and Juliane Play D&D #001 – Goblins Are Made of Weak Spots

Join Loralynn Woodsheart and Crutlin Carter, students at Shafire Battleheart’s Dungeoneering Academy, on their first real, non-training mission into the old mines.