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About the Podcast

The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast is a project by Luke Burrage. Luke is an avid reader of all kinds of science fiction, and is also an avid podcaster, his other main project being the Juggling Podcast.

Juggling? Well, yeah, Luke is a professional juggler. Which means he only works a few days a month and spends the rest of his time finding things to do… like reading and this podcast.

So Luke reads a science fiction book, makes some notes, thinks about the book for a few days, then records a review and puts it up on the feed. Then he reads another book. There is no set schedule, just whenever Luke finishes the book he happens to be reading.

Book selection is whatever takes Luke’s fancy at the time, or if he feels like re-reading a book he enjoyed in the past, or if a listener emails a suggestion, or if he gets into a theme.

The best way to find out more is to listen to SFBRP episode 1, where Luke introduces himself and goes over all this in much more detail.